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Zeke, Catherine & Troy’s Portrait Shoot

17 May 2009, Posted by Nigel in Portrait

Zeke, Catherine and Troy thought it was a good idea to celebrate Zeke’s just turning 1 by getting some photographs done. We had great fun trying to keep Zeke’s attention long enough to get some happy photos. Little Zeke seemed to love the plastic samurai swords in our prop box.

Click here for your online gallery. Emma and Dan tied the knot at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Woongoolba on the 28th March 2009. Locations photographs were taken from various locations throughout the Jacobs Well area from a quiet little beach to a broken down shack. It made for interesting photos. Once the location photos were done it was time for the party to begin. As we were requested to photograph the wedding reception, I decided to take some studio strobes along and setup a photo booth. It wasn’t long until there was a lineup for photos. Check out some of the…