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Lincoln, April & Matt’s Portrait Shoot

17 May 2009, Posted by Nigel in Portrait

Lincoln, April and Matt had their portrait shoot with some fantastic colourful balls and a bright green chair. It wasn’t long until Lincoln worked out if he threw the balls at the backdrop they would come back to him. It was a great game for quite some time.

Zeke, Catherine & Troy’s Portrait Shoot

17 May 2009, Posted by Nigel in Portrait

Zeke, Catherine and Troy thought it was a good idea to celebrate Zeke’s just turning 1 by getting some photographs done. We had great fun trying to keep Zeke’s attention long enough to get some happy photos. Little Zeke seemed to love the plastic samurai swords in our prop box.

New Canon EOS 5D Mark II Camera

25 Feb 2009, Posted by Nigel in General

After alot of procrastinating we decided to add another camera to the collection. With the release of the new 5D Mark II from Canon there really was no other choice for the portability, functionality and picture quality. You can read more about the camera here. More pics to come. And the first two photos from the camera.

Product Photography

21 Jan 2009, Posted by Nigel in General, Strobist

Looks like I may have landed a job photographing various products (and lots of them), so I thought I better brush up on my skills so I can photograph lots of items relatively easily. These couple were taken using 2 x 580EX flashes. One flash was setup to light the product and the other was set to overpower the background by approximatly 1.5 stops. Once it was setup and the background was overexposed sufficiently, it was  easy just to replace the items and hit the shutter. I also tethered my camera and imported directly into Lightroom for minimal adjustments.

Brisbane Storm Sunday 21st September 2008

26 Sep 2008, Posted by Nigel in General

After arriving home from shooting Wendy and Brad’s Wedding in Rockhampton and just starting to relax, Brisbane decided to turn on the fireworks with a large storm rolling over the city. I have always had an interest in trying to capture that elusive lightning bolt. There truly is an art to getting a good shot of a lightning bolt. Here are a couple shots taken from my front balcony. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page.