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10 Nov 2009, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

I had a call from Quest News last week requesting an image from a recent wedding. The crew from Brisbane River Dragons paddled Desney to her waiting Groom, Maeli, at Comslie Beach Reserve on the 24th October 2009. A photo from the day was pictured in the Southern Star on the 4th November 2009. Check it out. You can also see more photos and video here

Pop that Cork

04 Nov 2009, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

I took a sequence of still shots at Laura & Nathan’s wedding, Glengariff of a Groomsman trying to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. After quite a few photo’s I decided to create a short movie from the stills. Enjoy

For months now we’ve both been so excited about photographing the wedding of Maeli and Desney, and the day finally arrived on Saturday 24 October. We couldn’t wait to get the photography underway! Desney had put so much thought into the planning for their special day and she had even organised with the Brisbane River Dragons to escort her to the ceremony location via outriggers up the Brisbane River. We arrived to start the preperation photos with Desney and her girls just after lunch to find that poor Desney was so sick with a tummy bug. Although feeling very under…

Laura and Nathan were married on Friday 16 October at the beautiful Glengariff Estate, Dayboro. Following the dust storms in the south east, we were a little worried about the haze that we’d noticed only a few weeks before during our trip to Dayboro however Laura and Nathan’s wedding day was perfect. Bright blue skies and just a little breeze to help keep everyone cool. Although, poor Nathan certainly felt the heat whilst he was waiting for his lovely bride to be. The girls decided to get ready at a local Bed and Breakfast called Kirnicama B&B. This was a…

Scouting out Colmslie Beach Reserve

03 Oct 2009, Posted by Nigel in General

We went down to Comslie Beach Reserve today to scout out the wedding ceremony location for Desney and Ben in a couple weeks. Desney and Ben are a having a traditional islander wedding on the beach and the bride is arriving in decorated outrigger canoes. Today was a trial run to determine the choreography of the canoes on the day. We are really looking forward to Desney and Bens wedding as they are a heap of fun and we are also hanging around to photograph their reception. While we were at the beach we also spotted a person with his…