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Silhouette at Sunset

01 Oct 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

Just finishing off processing the photographs from Lisa and Rodney’s wedding and thought this one was interesting. Taken at sunset. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

After it poured down rain the entire day of Yaping and Brad’s wedding, we decided to head out to the Mt Cootha gardens a couple weeks later. Brisbane turned onĀ  the weather and we had beautiful blue skies. Yaping and Brad got dressed up again in their wedding gear and had make up and hair all done again. Enough of the chit chat. Here’s some snaps from the afternoon. Click here to leave a comment.

Yaping & Brads Wedding in Brisbane

06 Aug 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

I have finally finished processing Yaping and Brads photo’s from Saturday 5th July 2008. Unfortunately (or lucky for some) it absolutely poured with rain for the entire day and we were unable to get any location shots on the day. I was really looking forward to getting some shots of the beautiful full length veil that Yaping wore. Lucky we were able to organise a future day for everyone to get dressed up again for some location shots. The ceremony was meant to be held at Stimpson Park, Moorooka, but had to moved to the Wellers Hill Bowls Club, Wellers…

Almost Ready

23 Jul 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

I am getting through Yaping & Brads wedding photographs from the 5th July 2008. As I was processing I came across this little gem. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I was using a 580EX off camera aswell as a 580EX on camera. The off camera flash was camera right 45 degrees about 1m off the ground.

Kristy & Travis

24 May 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

Kristy & Travis had their wedding ceremony on the 24th May 2008 at the Heritage Village, and the reception was at Bauhinia House, Rockhampton. We had a great time taking photo’s for Kristy and Travis and were lucky enough to capture the reception also. Here is a slideshow showing a small collection of photos. httpv://