Product Photography

21 Jan 2009, Posted by Nigel in General, Strobist

Looks like I may have landed a job photographing various products (and lots of them), so I thought I better brush up on my skills so I can photograph lots of items relatively easily. These couple were taken using 2 x 580EX flashes. One flash was setup to light the product and the other was set to overpower the background by approximatly 1.5 stops. Once it was setup and the background was overexposed sufficiently, it was  easy just to replace the items and hit the shutter. I also tethered my camera and imported directly into Lightroom for minimal adjustments.

The Rocks Riverside Park Strobist Shoot

20 Jul 2008, Posted by Nigel in Strobist

We went to the 5th Brisbane Strobist shoot today at the Rocks Riverside Park, Jindalee. The weather was great and model turn out was exceptional. We ended up having 3 people in our group and shot photos of Simone, Angela, Kat and Jacinda. We turned up at 8am and by the time everyone was organised started shooting at 9:30am. Models were rotated through the groups as usual and this time the sun didn’t go down while we were still shooting. Ok, now the technical details. Most shots were done using 3 x canon ETTL flashes. 1 on camera (channel A),…

Alkira Hospice Strobist Shoot

22 Jun 2008, Posted by Nigel in Strobist

Today we went to the old rundown Alkira Hospice on Moggill Road, Chapel Hill, Brisbane. The location was umm…different. Apparently the hospice was shutdown years ago, but it looks as if the staff just got in their cars and drove home one afternoon never to return. Even still today there are plenty of broken computers, hospital beds and even patient records surprisingly. Wth plenty of broken glass and graffiti, Alkira made for an interesting and crazy shoot. Anyway, I was in a group of up to 5 at times using Canon ETTL. We ended up shooting models Sarah, Ambra and…