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Melany Farm

29 Aug 2008, Posted by Nigel in General

It seems like panorama’s are the flavour of the month. Here is another photo from Melany that has been stitched together from 8 photographs. We were just driving along when I caught this view out of the corner of my eye. I decided to hit the brakes and take a couple of snaps. Click for a larger view.

Wedding of Susan & Malcolm

24 Aug 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

Susan and Malcolm celebrated their wedding day on the 26th July 2008 in Rockhampton. The ceremony was at St Lukes, Wandal. Susan and Malcolm also had their daughter christened after their vows. We then ventured out for a few location shoots at the Heritage Village, Kershaw Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. Rockhampton turned the weather on and was a beautiful day. Thank-you Susan and Malcolm for the great time. We hope you enjoy your photographs. Nigel & Tina Click for larger photos.

Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast

23 Aug 2008, Posted by Nigel in General

We travelled to Melany to actually attend a wedding and not photograph one on Saturday 16th August and I thought I would camp out for the sunset on the Friday night near the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve looking at the wonderful Glasshouse Mountains. It was freezing cold and blowing an absolute gale (not good for steady shots on the tripod). We persisted for an hour or so and had a snack while we were there. This is the first panorama I have stitched together from the shoot so far. Click for a larger pictures. Notes: 1/160 @ f14 @ 70mm…

Yaping & Brads Wedding in Brisbane

06 Aug 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

I have finally finished processing Yaping and Brads photo’s from Saturday 5th July 2008. Unfortunately (or lucky for some) it absolutely poured with rain for the entire day and we were unable to get any location shots on the day. I was really looking forward to getting some shots of the beautiful full length veil that Yaping wore. Lucky we were able to organise a future day for everyone to get dressed up again for some location shots. The ceremony was meant to be held at Stimpson Park, Moorooka, but had to moved to the Wellers Hill Bowls Club, Wellers…

Almost Ready

23 Jul 2008, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

I am getting through Yaping & Brads wedding photographs from the 5th July 2008. As I was processing I came across this little gem. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I was using a 580EX off camera aswell as a 580EX on camera. The off camera flash was camera right 45 degrees about 1m off the ground.