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NKN Photography Finally on Facebook

22 Jan 2009, Posted by Nigel in General

After a fair amount of prodding from friends. I have finally made an effort to see what this facebook stuff is all about, and, well, it’s not bad. I have caught up with plenty of old friends, and have even setup a page for NKN Photography. I hope I am not becoming addicted like some of my friends are hinting at. So all of you facebook people out there. Click on the facebook image below and come and be a fan.

Product Photography

21 Jan 2009, Posted by Nigel in General, Strobist

Looks like I may have landed a job photographing various products (and lots of them), so I thought I better brush up on my skills so I can photograph lots of items relatively easily. These couple were taken using 2 x 580EX flashes. One flash was setup to light the product and the other was set to overpower the background by approximatly 1.5 stops. Once it was setup and the background was overexposed sufficiently, it was  easy just to replace the items and hit the shutter. I also tethered my camera and imported directly into Lightroom for minimal adjustments.

Wedding Portfolio Updated

11 Jan 2009, Posted by Nigel in General, Weddings

Well it’s been at least 6 months since I have updated the wedding portfolio so I thought it was time for a bit of an update. Click here to check it out. If you are having troubles seeing the new gallery you may need to flush the cache in your web browser.

Vicky and Jordan had their wedding day on the 30th November 2008. The ceremony was at the International City Church, and the reception was at Gianni Portside. The ceremony was beautiful and even included a band on stage, projected image of events and an impressive lighting setup. I also found the hottest room in the building for the group shot at the end of the ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride and groom headed out to Newstead Park for some location shots. The weather was great with a bright blue sky. Once we were done at Newstead Park we all…