Heron Island Wedding Photographers {Klaudia & Tobias}

02 Mar 2015, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

Heron Island Wedding Photographers

Klaudia & Tobias were married on the 23rd December 2014 in front of….well, just myself, the celebrant and her husband on the wonderful Heron Island. Klaudia & Tobias were from Germany on a secret mission that nobody else knew about. What was the mission? To get married of course. I met up with the happy couple the day before the big day at the Bailies Bar to have a chat about the island and their favourite photo spots. Heron Island maybe small but it does have a great offering of photo locations. Don’t forget to try out the meat lovers pizza from the bar, awesome!

The big day was here and I met up with Klaudia & Tobias at their Wistari Suite on the north-west of the island. Tobias was busily curling his wife-to-be’s hair with a funny story of making sure you don’t put too much hair in the curler it catches on fire! Whoaaa, think I’ll still to taking photos. With Klaudia’s hair curling done it was time for Tobias to get ready in a different room. Tobias got dressed, threw on the suspenders and read his card from Klaudia with lots of emotion.

I headed back to get some photos of Klaudia in her bridal gown which had travelled across the world in it’s own carry on suitcase. Wouldn’t want to lose that one! I gave Klaudia a helping hand to zip up her dress (my 1st time ever) and I bolted off to Shark Bay where it was time to get down to business. Tobias was waiting patiently near the waters edge for his bride-to-be to meet him. Klaudia & Tobias had the biggest smiles when they saw each other and after a very intimate ceremony were married on a beautiful Heron Island day at Shark Bay. With the formalities done, we went for a walk along North Beach, around Wistari Point and finished off at the Jetty for sunset. With the sun down I also grabbed a few star shots which I love doing.

Congratulations on your wedding Klaudia & Tobias.

NKN Photography are your specialist Heron Island Wedding Photographers

NKN Photography are your specialist Heron Island Wedding Photographers

  • Kylie

    What a gorgeous wedding location and beautiful images. You did a wonderful job of taking these wedding photos