Toowoomba Wedding Photography {Katie & Jared}

20 Sep 2013, Posted by Nigel in Weddings

Toowoomba Wedding Photography

We were contacted by a very excited bride-to-be more than 12 months ago who had lots of questions and lots of ideas for her big day :) That 12 months went fast didn’t it Katie? On the 17th August 2013 Katie and Jared tied the knot at St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Toowoomba, then partied on at the magnificent Gabbinbar Homestead (one of our favourite locations) for their reception.

We met up with Jared and the boys first who were getting ready at Jared’s parents house. Jared was out the back kicking the ball around with his Groomsmen when we called them inside to start getting dressed. Jared also had some gifts for his boys that included a pair of boxer’s each. I’ll get to the funny part later :) With the boys preparation photos done we were off the meet the girls at Gabbinbar Homestead.

Katie and the girls were having a nice and relaxing morning and just finishing off a bite to eat when we arrived. With the hair and makeup finished we had plenty of time to let Katie take it all in and get some some fun photos. The bridesmaids got into their dresses then helped Katie into her’s. With all of the girls dressed we got some photos in front of the gorgeous bay windows in the Brides Retreat at Gabbinbar.

Now it was time for the serious part of the day with everybody travelling to the St Patrick’s Cathedral which has an interesting history including burning day the day after being completed in 1880. You can read more about the history here.

Everybody was arriving at the church getting excited for the big event. Katie and her father walked down the aisle to a nervous Jared. The ceremony went off without a hitch and the couple were married. A few family photos out the front then we were off to Gabbinbar Homestead for the location photos. Upon arriving the bridal party was met by the always happy staff and provided with some refreshments and canapes. We walked around the gardens and got some photos as the sky was turning a nasty shade of grey. Of course we were at the furthest location from the homestead when the rain hit. So we finished off with some shots in the old stable with only Katie & Jared as the rest of the bridal party were stuck under a tree trying to stay dry. Isaac came to the rescue with umbrella’s for all and we headed back to the Brides Retreat to get ready for the reception introduction. While in the Brides Retreat we got the boys to show us their boxers for a quick photo with them on and one of the groomsmen had been wearing his the wrong way around for the entire day. That must have been very uncomfortable :)

It was now time to relax at the reception for the bridal party. Katie & Jared had a great idea where their Grandmother’s baked their favourite dessert dish and also put their recipes into a sweet little recipe book. Something for Katie & Jared to cherish forever. Katie & Jared danced the night away with some very capable grandparents. Especially one Grandad who was twisting with the best of them.
Thanks for allowing us to be part of your big day Katie & Jared.

All the best for the future.
Nigel & Tina

Girls Preparation Location: Gabbinbar Homestead
Wedding Ceremony: St Patrick’s Cathedral
Father: Father Peter Dorfield
Locations Photos: Gabbinbar Homestead
Reception: Gabbinbar Homestead
Cake: Pam Bushell
Hair: Megan Weedon
Makeup: Sarah Kay
Flowers: Deane’s Rose Growers Highfields
Toowoomba Wedding Photography: NKN Photography

  • Katie

    Thank you so much for the amazing photos Nigel & Tina, can’t wait to see them all now!!! You guys have done a wonderful job :)