The New Addition

22 Feb 2011, Posted by Nigel in General

Isaac Baby Photo - Brisbane

Little Isaac was born on the 24th January 2011, a whole 6 weeks premature. Luckily for him, we had some early warning signs and the doctors were able to give Tina some steroid injections to help with Isaac’s lung development. After getting up at 4am Sunday 23rd of January and spending the day over at North Stradbroke Island looking for a camera on the bottom of Brown Lake (that’s another story) Tina went into labour on Sunday night.

Off to the hospital we went, and at 5:52am Isaac made his big entrance into the world. Weighing in at 2515g or 5lb8oz, 46cm long and 32cm head¬†circumference. It was pretty evident that there weren’t any problems with his lungs as we could hear him loud and clear.

As Isaac was 6 weeks premature we had to leave him in the special care nursery for 15 nights. It was hard to leave him at hospital while we were at home.

Isaac is now home, healthy and stacking on the weight. He was a full 1kg heavier than his birth weight today, 4 weeks from birth. Heres a couple pics.

Isaac Baby Photo - BrisbaneIsaac Baby Feet Photo - BrisbaneIsaac Baby Photo - Brisbane

  • Feng Teo

    Awww… little man… Isaac is soooo adorable. Congrats on the new addition to your life :)

  • Nigel

    Cheers Feng.
    We have our own little family now.

  • Beth

    Congratulations, very cute. Love the first picture

  • Nigel

    Thanks Beth. I think that is my favourite too.

  • Lefty

    Very cool. What a great looking little guy.

    • Nigel

      Thanks Lefty, takes after his father doesn’t he.

  • Evelyn Wright

    Congratulations to you both. Having had Sarah 8 weeks early, I can appreciate your thoughts on leaving Isaac in hopspital whilst you were at home.

    Enjoy every moment, they grow up way too quickly…

    • Nigel

      Thanks Ev, was definitely hard to come home without him. We knew that hospital was where he had to be though.

      We are certainly trying to spend as much time as possible with Isaac. Enjoying it all.