Brisbane Storm 11th December 2008

14 Dec 2008, Posted by Nigel in General

Another day, another storm in Brisbane. I am getting tired of racing around unplugging all of my equipment everytime a storm approaches. So much so, I have decided to move my Zimbra Mail server to Google Apps to save me having to worry about it any longer. That will be one less thing to unplug.

Anyway, back to the photo.

This storm approached us very fast. I had to run to get my camera before it passed. Lots of wind and some small hail. I thought the large trees across the road might have been knocked down, but they are still standing today.

This panorama consists of 16 photographs and comes in at over 2GB in a merged tif file. I am glad I have some extra ram in my mac now.

Brisbane Storm 11th December 2008

  • Duncan!

    nice one nerd. Never thought I’d see you using an apple. They’re pretty good hey, Gav was the first bloke I know to buy one & Harvey (me other mate who gave Gav a shit in box for his bday few years back) bought one 2 days after using the barons. I want one – but I want heaps of other shit first too.