The Rocks Riverside Park Strobist Shoot

20 Jul 2008, Posted by Nigel in Strobist

We went to the 5th Brisbane Strobist shoot today at the Rocks Riverside Park, Jindalee. The weather was great and model turn out was exceptional. We ended up having 3 people in our group and shot photos of Simone, Angela, Kat and Jacinda.

We turned up at 8am and by the time everyone was organised started shooting at 9:30am. Models were rotated through the groups as usual and this time the sun didn’t go down while we were still shooting.

Ok, now the technical details. Most shots were done using 3 x canon ETTL flashes. 1 on camera (channel A), 1 on a lightstand with a white shoot-through umbrella (channel B) and the other on another lightstand shooting into a silver reflective umbrella (channel C). Channel C flash spent most of it’s time behind the model for backlighting although did make several appearances infront of the model for fill light.

All in all it was a great day at a great location with great models. Thanks to Glen for organising and I can’t wait for the next strobist shoot.

SimoneSimoneAngelaSimone & AngelaAngelaSimoneKatKatKatKatKatJacindaJacindaJacindaJacindaJacindaJacindaJacinda

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